Norbert Susemihl - New Orleans Jazzband  


It was a pleasure to appreciate the skillfulness, musical safety and the unflinching joy of playing of “Norbert Susemihl's Joyful Gumbo”. The six totally lived up to their name: a joy in playing and listening everywhere. More diversity would not be possible. So skillful, perfect and lively! To the eye, gentlemen in suit and tie, to the ear “young wild ones”, rewarded with frenetic applause from the connoisseur audience. Unforgettable, these handpicked Scandinavian Jazz musicians.

Schleswig-Holsteinische Landeszeitung, Germany - September 2016

The whole band went up to a higher level when they gave the ecstatic crowd a truly breathtaking and formidable version of the track that says it all and has it all: Swing That Music, composed by Louis Armstrong. The rhythmic applause would almost not end.

Ejgil E. Grønholdt - Præstø Jazzclub, Denmark – August 2016

An unforgettable jazz evening - There are times when words are not enough to convey what you want to say. To fairly describe the amazing concert "Norbert Susemihl's New Orleans Band" conducted in Valstads Church is impossible. The concert was magical. Six incredibly talented instrumentalists who inspired each other and clearly showed each other their appreciation. Each one had room to excel on his instrument. Here there was joy and interaction - a glance and the next one took over the solo, improvisation and playfulness. An enjoyable blend of New Orleans, jazz, blues and gospels was served, magically moving the audience from Bourbon Street, New Orleans, Cuba and even to Egypt. Standing ovation from the audience lead to the encore.

Ann-Katrin Kvarnliden – Västgöta Bladet, Sweden - August 2016

Norbert Susemihl, who develops further New Orleans Jazz’s proud tradition in a melodious, extrovert style, masters the art of communicating across borders.

Kjeld Frandsen - Berlingske Tidende, Copenhagen, Denmark - March 2015

After spending years in New Orleans regularly, the German trumpeter became the adoptive son of the city and became one of the most popular musicians of New Orleans Jazz. Susemihl has performed on countless concerts and CD recordings with young musicians and veterans of New Orleans music.

JazzAscona, Switzerland - June 2012

Norbert Susemihl's New Orleans All Stars hailing from Denmark, Germany and USA was on hand to give the crowd a good dose of Swing, Calypso and Funky Brass Band Style. It has to be said that New Orleans jazz has a timeless appeal. Infectious, too. People of all ages could be seen dancing the Charleston, doing a bout of line dancing or attempting to tap dance. It was pretty hard to keep still with the cheerful music so marvellously played by the musicians on their clarinet, bass, trumpet, trombone, piano and drums. Norbert and his band connected well with the audience, taking care to give a brief but descriptive background behind each song. In the best brass band tradition of New Orleans, they played a poignant funeral march song and balanced that up with a merrier tune – the perfect combination for a joyous send-off. They ended their rousing performance with a don’t worry, it’ll get better song called Happy Feet Blues.

Ariel Chew - Concert review - Norbert Susemihl's New Orleans All Stars at Miri International Jazz Festival 2010 -, Malaysia - May 2010

Simply blown away ... German trumpeter Norbert Susemihl came on stage with five other musicians from five countries handpicked specially for the festival, and entertained the audience with a selection of the best jazz standards that New Orleans – the birthplace of jazz – has to offer. Norbert Susemihl’s New Orleans All Stars band was proof that jazz music transcends nations and continents, his band’s set was a great lesson in the styles and sounds of New Orleans jazz.

Michael Cheang - Concert review - Norbert Susemihl"s New Orleans All Stars at Miri International Jazz Festival 2010 - The Star Online, Malaysia - 21. May 2010

Magic at Miri festival .. The German-American-Danish trad jazz band, Norbert Susemihl"s New Orleans All Stars went up with a fun-packed set of top-class New Orleans jazz. Susemihl is a wonderful trumpeter and he led his band through some great songs, including excellent versions of the standards Lover Come Back to Me and Sweet Emma.

Clewle John - Concert review - Norbert Susemihl's New Orleans All Stars at Miri International Jazz Festival 2010 - Bankok Post, Malaysia - 28. May 2010

World-class Act ... It was Norbert Susemihl’s group that got the crowd into the swing of things. From the get-go, New Orleans All Stars proved why they were stars. The sharp whistle at the start of the first song caught everyone’s attention, right through their set. In fact, the band, comprising musicians from Germany, Denmark and New Orleans, was so popular that it played two more songs as encore.

Laviinia Dhanagunan - Concert review - Norbert Susemihl's New Orleans All Stars at Miri International Jazz Festival 2010 - New Straits Times, Malaysia - 2. June 2010

One of the obvious crowd-pleasers of Miri International Jazz Festival was Norbert Susemihl's New Orleans All Stars, which had the crowd swaying, stomping and dancing throughout the concert to New Orleans classics old and new. The band and the audience thrived on each others energy. The front line of Charles Halloran on trombone, Orange Kjellin on clarinet and Susemihl on trumpet and vocals combined beautifully, weaving rich harmonies and powerful unison lines. Kellin and Susemihl in particular impressed as soloists. At whatever tempo the band played at, the music swung with the crowd showing warm appreciation for this timeless music.

Ian Patterson - Concert review - Norbert Susemihl's New Orleans All Stars at Miri International Jazz Festival 2010 - - 6. June 2010

Norbert Susemihl’s New Orleans All Stars had proved their mettle by offering high-octane New Orleans parade music and street music influenced with a tinge of bluegrass vibes. The band constantly stepped up the pace before unwinding, thus keeping the audience on their toes, and moving to the beat.

Tan Hee Hui - Concert review - Norbert Susemihl's New Orleans All Stars at Miri International Jazz Festival 2010 - The Jakarta Post - 23. May 2010

An outstanding jazz performer himself, Susemihl was excited by the thought of performing at the Miri International Jazz Festival. The crowd went wild when the New Orleans All Stars came on, and after the performance, many people were seen heading to where the band’s CDs were being sold just to meet the musicians in person. It was evident that people of all ages, including teenagers, enjoyed it and were dancing to Susemihl’s music. In fact, he expressed his surprise at how well their music was received and embraced by the crowd.

S.Indra Sathiabalan - Concert review - Norbert Susemihl's New Orleans All Stars at Miri International Jazz Festival 2010 - 24. May 2010

I wanted to write to you and let you know how much I enjoyed your music at the German Emigration Center. It was so wonderful to hear swinging New Orleans music so far from home! I hope you enjoyed the evening as much as I did and that you continue to play such fine New Orleans tunes throughout Germany and the rest of Europe.

Patricia Walker Powell – Chairman of the National Endowments for the Arts, Washington, USA - March 2009

Norbert Susemihl de facto personally imported the New Orleans Style. His duet with the tubist Henrick-Jan Tjeerdsma had more potential than just met the eye ... The origin of the interpreted piece "Carnival's In Town" carries the handwriting of a young generation.

Stephan Wiegand – Sächsische Zeitung, Dresden, Germany - Mai 2008

... The members of the band are all top-notch players, what a band band it turned out to be ... All in all, this CD is well worth listening to - many times.

Louis Lince - CD review - Norbert Susemihl's New Orleans All Stars - Live at Maribo Jazz Festival 2007 - New Orleans Music Magazine, England - 2008

SOUNDING GREAT AND SWINGING - Rated: 5 out of 6 stars - These guys really know their stuff, both as soloists and as ensample players, and the music has a fine sound and it is swinging - it is pure enjoyment. The repertoire is mostly traditional New Orleans, but there is also room for some fine jazz standards like Taking A Chance On Love and Lover Come Back To Me and a joyful version of Rodger Millers country-classic King Of The Road. We are far away from rundown beer jazz.

Kjeld Frandsen - CD review - Norbert Susemihl"s New Orleans All Stars - Live at Maribo Jazz Festival 2007 - Berlingske Tidende, Copenhagen, Denmark - 2008

When the jazzband “Norbert Susemihl's Joyful Gumbo” lines up, they present soloists, who to a high degree master interaction and ensemble play. They share the joy of playing in such an elegant way, that they really play together. The band's repertoire is based in New Orleans up to Swing, but is no stranger to breaking boundaries. They are also flirting with Bebop and do it successfully. For that they also earned big applause. The band possesses a contagious joy of playing, and also shares the happy mood when they comment on the next song in the program. They are also happy to give space for good and long solo playing from the individual musicians ... It was musicality at a very high level.

Jens Bjerre Tybjerg - Præstø Avis, Præstø, Denmark – Oktober 2005

It is safe to say that Norbert Susemihl is one of the most experienced European musicians in all kinds of New Orleans music. he performs in excellent fashion on both the trumpet and the flugelhorn. The chemistry between him and the band, his high standard and great musical experience have helped a lot to make this tour and this recording so successful.

Marcel Joly - CD liner notes - New Orleans Delight - Fearuring Lee Gunnes and Norbert Susemihl - 2004

Norbert Susemihl was really breathtaking on trumpet and flugelhorn in both ensemble play as well as in beautiful solos. It's not common to meet flugelhorn in jazz, but he showed that also this instrument fits well in a traditional jazz program.

Jens Bjerre Tybjerg - Præstø Avis, Præstø, Denmark – Oktober 2003

Norbert Susemihl, who plays in a focused and melodic, outgoing and timeless New Orleans Style, understands the noble art to swing.

Kjeld Frandsen - Berlingske Tidende, Copenhagen, Denmark - March 2003

I have known Norbert Susemihl from way back in the Seventies, when we first met in New Orleans, and later over here in Europe when he toured with Papa Tom"s Lamentation band, including a young Thomas l'Etienne. We even played some parades together in New Orleans. I always liked his dedicated playing. In his playing you can hear the influences he underwent, playing with and listening to a lot of old time musicians. Something you can hear in his DeDe Pierce and Kid Thomas imitations on this CD, but also the influence of the younger, present day New Orleans musicians, which you can hear in Second Line.

Jempi De Donder - CD review - New Orleans Delight - My Little Girl - The Jazz Gazette, Belgium - August/September 2002

Norbert Susemihl's playing I enjoyed many times in the past, mainly in New Orleans where he was accepted by the local musicians and treated as one of their own. After playing a parade with the all black Algiers Brass Band, a neighbour asked one of the musicians: "Who's that white cat playing with your band?" The answer that came is a classic: "He ain't white man, he's German!" Could there be a nicer compliment to a young European musician? Norbert is without any doubt one of the best New Orleans style trumpet players today and his exciting playing is an asset to every band he works with ... On Paul Barbarin's Second Line Norbert plays a fascinating solo accompanied by the drums only. A real tour de force!

Marcel Joly - CD liner notes - New Orleans Delight - My Little Girl - 2001

... Norbert Susemihl’s declamatory lead establishes a momentum, which is heightened and sustained through chorus upon swinging chorus. Susemihl's contributions, as both ensemble player and soloist, are outstanding. His burnished tone, flexible technique, use of dynamics and intuitive sense of phrasing, which seems both inspired and inspiring, mark him out as one of the finest jazz trumpeters currently active....

Sally Ann Worsfold - CD review - New Orleans Delight - Enjoy Yourself - Just Jazz - The Traditional Jazz Magazine, England - September 2000

...his pensive flugelhorn solo of the reflective version of What A Friend We Have In Jesus recalls both the Fletcher Henderson cornetist Joe Smith in its bell-like clarity and bittersweet tones, and the harmonic sophistication and effortles delivery of trumpeter Clifford Brown. His pleasing vocal style also crops up here and there....

Sally Ann Worsfold - CD review - New Orleans Delight -Church Concerts 99 - Just Jazz - The Traditional Jazz Magazine, England - April 2000

...In my job as a critic I've heard him through the years and I have always been fascinated by his fine way of entertaining, his uncomplicated way of singing and - most of all - his brilliant musicianship. ... he learned the spicy Last Night On The Backporch and the beautiful waltz Sometime from two legendary trumpet players, Kid Sheik and Percy Humphrey respectively. Their sound goes on through the trumpet of Norbert Susemihl....

Kjeld Frandsen - CD liner notes - New Orleans Delight - Miss Bombilla Brown - March 2000 - Kjeld Frandsen is music critic and writer for Berlingske Tidende, Copenhagen, editor of Politiken Jazz Encyclopedia (1987) and chairman of The Danish Jazz Journalists Association - JASA

...his force was absolutely the melodious and easy-flowing playing on trumpet, cornet or flugelhorn. On the Danish scene he has parallels such as Finn Otto Hansen and Ole Stolle, but Susemihl's playing contains also - just about - the whole New Orleans tradition - from Bunk Johnson to Wynton Marsalis. His playing never seemed kaleidoscopic or copy-like, on the contrary. It was quiet, clarified, determined and melodic. And whether it was gospel, folk music, calypso, waltz, rhythm & blues or the basic New Orleans repertoire, Norbert Susemihl seasoned his playing with tiny life giving curlicues, which put a safe distance to any form of exhausted museum-jazz.

Kjeld Frandsen - Concert review with New Orleans Delight - Berlingske Tidende, Copenhagen, Denmark - January 2000

...a fully three dimensional profile which is light years away from the usual banjo fuelled turgidity. ... the trumpeter compels the ear with his virtuosity, warmly rounded tone and eloquently articulated ideas. ...There is also an admirable sense of restrain in the trumpeter's style, as though he does not feel the need to cram everything he knows into every bar...a welcome reminder that New Orleans jazz should also be about fun and entertainment.

Sally Ann Worsfold - CD review - Norbert Susemihl's Arlington Annex - Live at Femø Jazzfestival 1999 - Just Jazz - The Traditional Jazz Magazine, England - December 2000

...Susemihl demonstates with his many shaded phrasing, adaped to the corresponding style, that there doesn't have to be a gap between traditional or modern aproach of playing...Especially in traditional numbers, Greta Milochi-Susemihl hits the right mood with her authentic Sweet Emma Barrett oriented barrelhouse-piano style. But she impresses also on faster tempos with perfect timing and a fine sense of swing....

Andreas Geyer - CD review - Norbert Susemihl's Arlington Annex - High Heels - Jazzpodium, Germany - October 1995

I am very impressed by the trumpet playing on this record. ... I heard Norbert on many occasions and he really got it all: Tone, technique, power and above all excellent taste. Listen to the burning glow in every note he plays here, listen to that beautiful vibrato, the controlled power, the light and shade in every phrase, and you'll hear the influence of all his great masters....

Marcel Joly - Record review - Papa Tom's Lamentation Jazzband - Fell The Jazz - Footnote Magazine, England - Autumn 1982

... A real find is trumpeter Susemihl, a young man with a full and rich sound. ...

Richard Dodds - Concert review - Fats Waller Show - Times-Picayune, New Orleans, USA - 12. April1980